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Read Current News - 20 slums in Kartal have been demolished under urban transformation

Kartal Metropolitan Municipality met with the housing owners and construction companies within the scope of the urban transformation project. After the meeting, the 20 shanty houses that had been agreed were demolished.

Continuing to work with the slogan of "urban transformation in place", Kartal Municipality brought together contractors with 20 shanties living in Hürriyet Quarter to make an agreement.

Instead of the slums, 176 houses and 4 villages will be constructed. There will be all kinds of social habits in the buildings to be built. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2 years.

Speaking in the forum, Eagle Mayor Op. Dr. Altınok Öz, "I can not even catch up with this state of the city in 2009 and the change between now and now," he spoke.

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