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Şehr-i Deniz Kartal prices start at 294 thousand TL

Demkay Yapi and Almara Yapi Ortaklığı and the Kartal Denizli Eagle Project, which costs a total of 294,600 TL.

The City-i Deniz Kartal project, which is alleged to be in the Kartal with Demkay Building and Almara Building Joint Venture, is being constructed on a 6,500 square meter plot area.

There are 176 houses and 4 villas in the City-i Deniz Kartal project rising in 2 blocks. There are 2 types of 1 + 1 apartments, 4 different types of 2 + 1 and 2 + 3 types of apartments in 2 different types in the City-i Deniz Kartal project where 8 different types of apartments are located. The sizes of the apartments vary between 58 square meters and 176 square meters.

Villas located in the City-i Deniz Kartal project are designed in the concept of twin villas.

Prices start from TL 294 thousand

1 + 1 apartments start from 294 thousand 600 TL, 2 + 1 apartments start from 480 thousand TL and 3 + 1 apartments start from 700 thousand TL in the City-i Deniz Kartal project, which can be a residence owner with installments of 30% down payment and maturity.

Deliveries in September 2019

There are parking, security, outdoor swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, children's playgrounds and green areas among the social facilities of City-i Deniz Kartal project which is planned to be delivered in September 2019.