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Read Current News - 20 slums in Kartal destroyed for urban transformation

As a result of Kartal Municipality's meeting with the owners of the shanty houses within the scope of urban transformation, 20 slums were demolished

Acting on the slogan of "urban transformation in place", Kartal Municipality provided 20 shanty houses living in Hurriyet Quarter, bringing contractors together to make an agreement. As a result of the deal, the building was demolished by a construction ceremony. Instead of the collapsed slums, 176 houses and 4 villages will be constructed. There will be open and closed car parks in the project where all kinds of social life areas will be found. The project with 8 different apartment types will be completed in 2 years.

Kartal Mayor Op. Dr. Altınok Öz participated with Vedat Demir, one of the managers of the contractor firm. Speaking in the forum, Eagle Mayor Op. Dr. Altınok Öz said, "May Allah never give you trouble. I wish construction would continue without giving a job accident. I congratulate them on the fact that 20 squatter owners have come together to initiate this transformation. I can not keep up with this city in 2009 and the change between now and now, "he said.

With the measures taken after the speeches made, the demolition of the gecekondals began. After the demolition process is completed, the project will be initiated by basing the project.

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